Leaves of Absence Services- Health Staff Employees

Our team is here to provide support for our Staff employees, supervisors, and managers with information and guidance related to all Leaves of Absence (LOA).

We can help you navigate Family, Medical and Pregnancy Disability Leaves, including:

  • Leave of absence guidelines
  • Medical certification forms
  • Notice of rights and responsibilities


Please note: Leaves of absences for Academic Appointees are processed by Academic Personnel.

Contact the LOA Team

Please include your phone number and UCPath ID.

Please note: Leave of Absence Coordinators work remotely

Leave of Absence Coordinators 

Serving Employees by Last Name Name
A - B Amavilia Parker
C - D Sonia Guerrero-Rodriguez
E - F & L Pam Solano 
G - J Nicole D. Cole
K & M-ME Sagal Elmi
MF - RAG Cortnee Beggs
RAH - SOT Barb Rice
SOU - Z Francisca Muomua

Pregnancy Disability Coordinators
Serving Employees by Last Name Name
A-G Olga Allen
H-O Andrea Hall
P-Z Treva Clark

LOA Supervisor
Leslie Brown, lnbrown@ucdavis.edu